Sweet Almond Essential Oil Carrier Oil
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Sweet Almond Essential Oil Carrier Oil

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Oil: Sweet Almond Carrier Oil

Botanical Name: Prunus dulcis

Plant part: Seed/kernel

Extraction: Hydraulic press, screw press.

Aroma: Sweet almond oil has a very subtle, bland aroma.

Category: Carrier

Note: Base

Believe it or not, the almond is actually a part of the rose family. Believed to originate from Western Asia, the almond makes an oil that has a faint, light fragrance making it a fantastic carrier oil for mixing blends and massage oils. Sweet almond oil contains a variety of nutrients: Vitamin A, vitamin E, omega-3 fatty acids and zinc, all beneficial for skin health. Often used in skincare for its nutrient and moisturising properties, sweet almond oil makes for a good makeup remover, cleaner, and moisturiser - for both body and face. Sweet almond oil also contains anti-inflammatory properties, helping to reduce swelling associated with acne and can be used to treat minor cuts and wounds.

Dilute your favourite, relaxing essential oils with sweet almond oil to make for the perfect massage oil.
Alternatively, you can dilute your favourite scents and make your own, individualised body oil!

Blends well with: Rosehip, lavender, rose geranium, lemon.