Mandarin Essential Oil 100% Pure & Undiluted
Mandarin Essential Oil 100% Pure & Undiluted
Mandarin Essential Oil 100% Pure & Undiluted
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Mandarin Essential Oil 100% Pure & Undiluted

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Oil: Mandarin Essential Oil 100% Pure

Botanical Name: Citrus reticulata

Plant Part: Rind

Extraction: Cold pressing

Aroma: Mandarin has a slightly sweeter scent than other citrus essential oils, though it still carries the distinctive, zesty citrus aroma.

Category: Citrus

Note: Top

Mandarin essential oil has its place in traditional aroma therapy. It is thought to assist with symptoms of nervous tension and may assist with stress relief, insomnia and circulation. Mandarin essential oil also contains antiseptic and pain relieving properties.

This oil produces a fresh, citrus scent that can be diluted and used as a household cleaner.

Blend together with lavender or sandalwood, along with a non-corrosive carrier oil (jojoba, almond, coconut) to produce a relaxing, calming massage oil.

Blends Well With: Grapefruit, sweet orange, lemon, patchouli, myrrh, sandalwood

Blend Ideas:

Calming blend 3: Lavender, lime, mandarin.
Overexertion blend: Lavender, mandarin, rosemary, Roman chamomile.

Please note: Our oils are 100% pure, undiluted and pharmacy-grade. We recommend diluting before applying topically. Do NOT ingest or put on broken or irritated skin.
In case of poisoning, contact the poisons information centre on 13 11 26.