Coloxyl Infant Drops 0-3 Years
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Coloxyl Infant Drops 0-3 Years

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Coloxyl Infant Drops is a gentle stool softener for the relief of constipation in babies and children up to 3 years.

Gentle constipation relief over 2-3 days.
Great tasting caramel & chocolate flavour.
Drops can be added to water or fruit juice if necessary.
Includes measuring syringe for easy and accurate dosing.

Infant Drops should be given 3 times daily.

Under 6 months: 0.30mL
6-18 months: 0.50mL
18 months - 3 years: 0.80mL

Use syringe provided to measure dosage accurately.

Active ingredient:
Poloxamer 100mg

Free from:
Gluten, lactose, dairy and milk.
Vegetarian suitable.

Ethanol 3.6% w/w, glycerol, sorbic acid, purified water, caramel and chocolate flavours.

Drink plenty of water. Do not take with other medicines or liquid paraffin, unless advised by a doctor. Increase fibre in your child’s diet except in cases of medication-induced constipation. If symptoms persist, seek advice from a health care practitioner. Prolonged use is not recommended and may lead to dependence.