Choosing the right product for pain relief
As from 1 May, some commonly used non-prescription pain relievers will not be quite so freely accessible. These are the so-called compound pain relievers containing codeine. They include wellknown brands such as Nurofen Plus and Panadeine.

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Falling body, failing brain
It’s commonly known that falls are a leading cause of injury resulting in hospitalisation, but as Nick Rushworth points out, it’s less well known that falls are also a major cause of what is called “traumatic brain injury” or TBI. The impact on both the individual with a brain injury and their family is enormous, and according to Brain Injury Australia, it’s an impact that is little understood by the community.

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Keep happy, avoid headaches
A headache is something that almost all of us experience at some time. In fact, studies have shown that more than 30% of Australians have a headache at least once a month, and about 5% of our population gets a headache on a daily basis.

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Altitude sickness
Being fit for travel is important. The longer the travel distance and time away from home, the fitter you need to be. Even having a cold can make plane travel quite uncomfortable. Modern aeroplane cabins are pressurised; but not at exactly the same pressure as we have at ground level. For a pain free take-off and especially landing, when that air pressure changes, the pressure inside and outside our ears needs to be equalised. Congested nasal passages might prevent this from happening; so appropriate use of nasal sprays (Drixine, Otrivin or Sinex) will help to open up those airways. A decongestant tablet, such as Sudafed, could also be useful.

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Good health gift ideas
For many people, Christmas has deep religious significance; for others, it’s simply a time to relax and enjoy a few days off work. But for almost everyone, this time of year has traditionally become one of celebration. Throughout many societies it is commonplace to exchange gifts or simply ‘season’s greetings’, and to express sentiments of peace and goodwill. Wishes of good health usually accompany greetings at this time of year; so, perhaps some healthy gift ideas could be worth a thought as well.

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Cold sores – not so cool
To most people cold sores might seem to be a comparatively trivial condition; but if you are one of the thousands of people who suffer with cold sores you no doubt find them annoying beyond belief.

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Chronic pain in the young
For some people, including children and adolescents, pain is their constant companion, always a part of their lives. Although many of us have experienced pain, this pain (known as acute pain) goes away quite quickly. We can then resume our lives as normal. However for others, their pain does not go away. It remains beyond the time expected for healing. This is called chronic pain.

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Persisting with pain management
It doesn’t seem all that long ago that if you saw the word shingles you’d most likely think of thin pieces of wood or slate that overlap to cover a roof. But, as a roofing material, shingles are now seldom used; more often we recognise shingles as the common term to describe a very painful and irritating rash of small blisters, usually occurring on just one side of the body.

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Preventing falls and brain injury
The terms ‘head injury’, ‘ABI’, or ‘acquired brain damage’ (ABD), are widely used to describe all types of brain damage which occur after birth (with the exception of Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder – FASD).

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The pain of shingles
Shingles affects nerve fibres, causing a painful, blistering skin rash in the area of the affected nerves. Shingles often starts with a burning, tingling, itching or sensitive feeling on an area of skin. A painful red rash with fluid-filled blisters appears a few days later. The blisters slowly dry up, crust over, and heal.

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