Webster Packs

The Multi Dose Webster-pak is a sealed weekly calendar pack designed to help people take their medication correctly, according to their doctor’s orders.  All regular medication that needs to be taken each week is sealed within the blister compartments.

The Webster-pak is designed to be as simple as possible. It is arranged with 4 columns across for the 4 doses of the day, and 7 rows down for the seven days of the week.

Webster-pak is ideal for, but not limited to the following situations:

Anyone on regular medication

Short term doses or antibiotics

School Children

Mental health patients

Elderly patients living at home

Clients receiving support services

People of culturally & linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds

Disability Services clients

Travelers: nationally or internationally

People going into respite care

People with low vision

People in rural or remote areas

Webster-pak helps to give people in the community added independence with or without the support of a relative or carer, or with the support of home nursing services.

Anyone on important medication will benefit no matter what their age.