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Affordable vaccine service

 At Usher Compounding Pharmacy you can have your annual influenza vaccine or Covid-19 vaccine without waiting to see a doctor.

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Hire Services

At Usher Pharmacy we provide a range of hire services for medical equipment and medical aids across the Bunbury and surrounding areas.

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NDSS agent 

Usher Pharmacy is an NDSS agent. Agents provide a range of information and support services to registrants to assist them in the management of their diabetes. Information and support services include access to information, advice on and response to requests from registrants for information on the appropriate use of products and general information on the self-management of diabetes.

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Oska pain relief

A natural way to speed healing & eliminate joint pain. Portable ~ Convenient ~ No Drugs. In layman's terms the OSKA is designed to help with rehabilitation & maintenance of musculoskeletal and soft tissue conditions such as injury recovery, joint stiffness & pain.

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Usher pharmacy compounded products

Natural products made right here. We make products including shampoos, conditioners, body wash, lip balm, moisturisers without products like sodium lauryl sulfates (SLS). We can tailor the product to your individual needs.

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Webster Packs

The Multi Dose Webster-pak is a sealed weekly calendar pack designed to help people take their medication correctly, according to their doctor’s orders. It is ideal for anyone who occasionally forgets to take their medication or can't remember whether they took their medication or not.

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Blood Pressure Services

We can measure and record your blood pressure for FREE, no bookings necessary. Blood pressure is the pressure of the blood in the arteries as it is pumped around the body by the heart. Blood pressure does not stay the same all the time.

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Ear Piercing

At Usher Pharmacy you can have your ears professionally pierced, Ear Piercing is done with clean and sterile equipment by professionally trained pharmacy staff, please phone us to check availability of staff.

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Medication Reviews

One of our pharmacists can review your medications for free.

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Other Services

We have a range of other services such as Justice of the Peace, photocopying and newspapers.

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