Pain Management

Pain management is crucial because even at times the underlying disease-process has subsided; some patients suffer from uncontrollable pain.  This prevents them from working at optimum levels, going about their daily activities normally & enjoying recreation.  There can be a number of causes for chronic pain and that is exactly what makes it so difficult to manage pain.  This is exactly why a multidisciplinary approach is required and it is also important to have customised treatment protocols for Pain Management in Perth.

How Pain Affects Your Life

Uncontrolled pain, whether from an injury or accident or chronic, prevents a person from working productively and it can have a negative impact on the way you live. Using compounded medications is one of the best methods of Pain Management in Bunbury.  We at Usher Pharmacy are able to formulate the best medications, based on your specific requirements. These medications help in blocking pain and over time, they will also reduce your dependency on opiate analgesics.

We use very specialized compounding techniques that combine multiple medications in a range of topical treatments which tackle the pain directly and avoid all the side effects. We can blend different medications into various transdermal creams & gels that improve the manner in which the medications are absorbed into the body.

Specialised Medications

We work very closely with the patient and the physician and solve the problems that the former is facing, with the specialized customized medications that we formulate. Since these medications are made especially for you, they are very effective. We are the experts who understand all your requirements and provide you the kind of medicines you need.

You can speak with our pharmacists about the strength of the medication and the combination that is most appropriate for you. For all medications for pain management in Western Australia, call Usher Pharmacy on 08 9795 7631 or simply fill out the online contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible.