Meet the Team


Abby works in the compounding lab; she also takes care of the Webster packs, and helps with the general upkeep of the pharmacy. Having previously worked in the administration and education support areas, Abby has been with Usher Compounding just over a year. She loves to listen to music, and spend time with family and friends.


Carmen works our front counter in the customer service, recommendation and vitamin areas. With many years experience in the pharmaceutical and alternative health fields, she has dedicated a large portion of her life to understanding health needs. Carmen loves meeting people, cooking, her dogs, and chilling out to her favourite Netflix series after a long day.


Jenani is one of our pharmacy assistants, who has been with Usher Compounding for the last 4 years. She has a background in the hospitality and tourism industry, and instructs her own Pilates class. Jenani also has a special interest in drawing and dance, and loves to make people laugh. You’ll often see her working the counter or answering enquiries over the phone.


Reece is another of our pharmacy assistants, who you’ll often see working the counter or processing orders. He has recently joined our team, having worked in customer service for the last 10 years. Reece is an avid gamer and musician, whose areas of interest span multiple genres. He also loves speculative fiction.