Hire Services

At Usher Pharmacy we provide a range of hire services for medical equipment and medical aids across the Bunbury and surrounding areas. Often when you need medical aids or medical equipment they can be costly and unexpected so we have put a range of products together that give you an affordable alternative. 

The following are available for hire:


If you have a broken leg, sprained ankle or require assistance when moving around, crutches are an affordable solution to take unwanted weight off your injury.


Wheelchair hire is substantially cheaper then buying a wheel chair outright, for long term or short term hire, we have a range of wheelchair hire solutions for you.

Walking Frames 

Walking frame hire provides affordable walking aid solutions for those requiring assistance such as the elderly.  


Nebuliser hire is a cheaper alternative to buying and maintaining your own in most circumstances. Nebulisers are an excellent solution for children who may be struggling to use puffer / spacer.

TENS machine

Tens machines are effective and safe when used appropriately for both chronic and acute pain.  They can also be used during pregnancy.

E-cell device

A natural way to speed healing & eliminate joint pain.

Portable ~ Convenient ~ No Drugs

The e-cell is registered as a Medical Device Class 2A (ART listed ID: 125537)