Ear Piercing

At Usher Pharmacy you can have your ears professionally pierced.

Ear Piercing is done with clean and sterile equipment by professionally trained pharmacy staff, please phone us to check availability of staff on (08) 9795-7631.

Our current special is:

Ear piercing (including your choice of ear-rings) for:

Steps to take care of your earrings.

  1. Use the antiseptic spray to clean the area around the earrings no more than twice a day.
    It is best to avoid touching your earrings without first washing your hands.
  2. Leave the earrings in for six weeks before removing or changing them.
  3. Twist the earrings once a day so your earring hole doesn’t close over the studs.
  4. Cleaning with salt water is permissible.
  5. Remember that “piercing earrings” have a “shaft” that is slightly longer than regular earrings.
    Be careful when brushing or combing your hair.