E Cell

A natural way to speed healing & eliminate joint pain.

Portable ~ Convenient ~ No Drugs 

What does an e-cell do?

In layman's terms the e-cell is designed to get to the cause of pain by speeding the body's natural healing processes from sporting injuries and almost all forms of degenerative joint disorders and eliminating pain.

In medical terms the e-cell modulates the voltage-gated transporter channels in the plasma membrane, helping to speed the body's own natural cellular regeneration processes. 

What could the e-cell do for me?

If you suffer from neck pain, knee problems, back pain, sciatica, pain from osteoarthritis, age related degenerative issues, pain from accidents or sports injuries then the e-cell may be your answer in speeding recovery by addressing the cause of your pain, (without the use of analgesics or greasy ointments), stimulating the body's own natural healing processes.

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