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Annual Influenza Vaccine

The Influenza virus also known as the 'flu' is a forever mutating bug that can you leave feeling a little worse for wear. It is important not get it confused with the common cold, which is much less severe then the actual flu. 

With both the young and the elderly at severe risk we rely heavily on herd immunity. Vaccines are safe and undergo extensive safety research prior that are made available for use in Australia. Vaccines are tested first in smaller clinical trials before moving onto larger clinical trials on thousands of people before being made available to the general public. 

The Flu Vaccine won't give you the Flu Virus

The flu vaccine does not contain the active virus so you cannot catch it. No matter what myths people tell you the vaccine contains dead virus cells so it is impossible to get the disease from it. 

Do I need to see my doctor to obtain the vaccine?

No, here at Usher Compounding Pharmacy you can have your annual influenza vaccine without waiting to see a doctor. Simply come in and see our pharmacist today and have your annual vaccination. 

A letter will be sent to your doctor notifying them of your vaccination.

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Covid-19 Vaccine

COVID-19 is caused by a form of coronavirus; a large family of viruses known to cause respiratory infections. Symptoms can range from mild to severe, and may lead to death. Some may make a speedy recovery, whereas others may become very ill very quickly.

As with the flu, we rely heavily on heard immunity to keep the community safe, especially for those who are particularly susceptible, such as the elderly, young children and those with a weakened immune system. Usher Compounding Pharmacy offers the AstraZeneca, Moderna and Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines, as well as boosters for each.

Check with your healthcare provider before taking the vaccine if you:
- Are pregnant, planning to become pregnant, or breastfeeding.
- Have had a sever allergic reaction to any other vaccine injection.
- Have a weakened immune system.
- Currently have a severe infection with a high temperature (over 38C).
- Have issues with bleeding or bruising, or are taking any blood thinning medications.
- Have any other medical conditions.
- Are taking any other medication, including any recent or planned vaccines, vitamins & supplements.
- Have any questions or concerns regarding the AstraZeneca vaccine.

As an effective vaccine against the COVID-19 virus, AstraZeneca has provisional registration in Australia. For more information, contact us here or visit the Therapeutic Goods Administration website.

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