Feeling thirsty – drink water instead
Urinary tract infections are generally called simply UTI\'s and can involve just about any part of the urinary tract. The kidneys and the bladder can be affected, as can the ureter and the urethra – the “pipes” which carry urine to and from the bladder.

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Fabulous fibre
The benefits of fibre in the diet have been known for many years. In fact, one of the earliest proprietary fibre supplements, containing parts of the seed of the Plantago ovata (psyllium) plant, was marketed more than 75 years ago as the non-irritant laxative Metamucil. But, we now know that fibre offers more benefits than just a better functioning bowel. Each of the four main types of fibre – soluble fibre, insoluble fibre, resistant starches and so-called oligosaccharides – works in a different but complementary way. So, it’s important to get dietary fibre from a variety of sources: fruit, vegetables, legumes, pulses, nuts and the bran or husk of cereal grains.

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Good health gift ideas
For many people, Christmas has deep religious significance; for others, it’s simply a time to relax and enjoy a few days off work. But for almost everyone, this time of year has traditionally become one of celebration. Throughout many societies it is commonplace to exchange gifts or simply ‘season’s greetings’, and to express sentiments of peace and goodwill. Wishes of good health usually accompany greetings at this time of year; so, perhaps some healthy gift ideas could be worth a thought as well.

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Bowel cancer is a deadly reality
Cartoons of the 18th and 19th centuries typically depicted the gout sufferer to be an obese man who had clearly consumed too much alcohol. The condition was also then known as \"the disease of kings\" or \"the rich man\'s disease\"; the implication being that gout was an unfortunate side effect of living rather too well, and not so wisely.

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Celebration of ageing
Living longer is a great thing, but we also need to remain healthy to enjoy our longer lives to their fullest. Unfortunately, debilitating conditions such as heart and kidney disease, diabetes, and some types of arthritis are more common in older people.

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