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There are times when certain patients do not respond to conventional treatments. Based on their specific medical condition, they may require medicine that that is at strengths which isn’t manufactured by the pharma companies. At other time, they may just need another method of ingesting their medication. This is where a compounding pharmacist in Perth meets your requirements.


Customised Products

With a prescription from your doctor, the Compounding Pharmacist in Western Australia can customise an individualised medication for your specific need.  We at Usher Pharmacy can combine multiple medications into one convenient dosage or can deliver cough medication for children, via a flavoured medication.  Commercial products are not able to provide solutions such as these our services are now becoming widely-used by patients across Australia. 


Apart from these simple reasons why we compound medications, the service is very important in cases of “non-compliance”. This is the term used by the medical community when a patient is allergic to any dyes of preservatives that are present in commercially-available medications. 


The Perfect Formulation

With the consent of a doctor, we can alter the form and strength of a medication; which will make the medication easier to ingest, make it more palatable or even add flavor to it.  It is also possible for us to prepare a medication via very unique delivery systems such as a lozenge, a transdermal cream or gel, or a sublingual troche.  We can make a liquid suspension, for patients who find it difficult to swallow capsules.


We have years of expertise in this field and all the processes we follow are completely ethical & legal. As long as you have a doctor’s prescription for the medication you need, we are the compounding pharmacist in Bunbury who can make it especially for you. For more information call Usher Pharmacy on 08 9795 7631 or simply fill out the online contact form and we will contact you within the shortest possible time. 

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