Keeping our liver alive
The liver is one of those parts of the body we can’t do without. It’s our largest internal organ; and in some ways, the most complex. It’s where our body returns unwanted substances so they can be rendered harmless and excreted; but it also has a storage and manufacturing function as well. For instance, about 50% of our body’s cholesterol requirements are made in the liver.

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Want good eyesight? Eat fish, stop smoking
We all know that smoking is a major risk factor for many diseases including heart and blood vessel disease, osteoporosis and various cancers. Perhaps less well known is the fact that smoking causes blindness. Smokers and people who have smoked are three times more likely to develop macular degeneration.

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What does a stroke look like?
Heart and blood vessel disease, known medically as cardiovascular disease, remains Australia’s number one killer. It affects nearly 2.5 million Australians. Together, heart attack and stroke (maybe we should call it “brain attack”) account for around a third of all deaths in Australia. This year Australians will suffer more than 60,000 new and recurrent strokes – that’s one stroke every 10 minutes. Statistics indicate that one in five people having a first ever stroke will die within a month and one in three die within a year.

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Are all our health dollars going to waist?
The consequences of carrying excess weight cost us dearly – both individually and as a community. Cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes are probably the most significant conditions resulting from obesity; but there are many other conditions as well that are associated with carrying around too much weight. Weight related health problems include back pain, muscle and joint problems, osteoarthritis, stress incontinence, sleep apnoea and general fatigue. There are also psychological problems: low self esteem, low self confidence and depression.

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Good health gift ideas
For many people, Christmas has deep religious significance; for others, it’s simply a time to relax and enjoy a few days off work. But for almost everyone, this time of year has traditionally become one of celebration. Throughout many societies it is commonplace to exchange gifts or simply ‘season’s greetings’, and to express sentiments of peace and goodwill. Wishes of good health usually accompany greetings at this time of year; so, perhaps some healthy gift ideas could be worth a thought as well.

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