Natural Cholesterol

It’s no secret that high cholesterol comes with a host of health issues, and in older people this can be particularly problematic. A healthy lifestyle, balanced diet and regular exercise are, as with many health concerns, one tried and trusted way of keeping it at bay.

But, as we all know, sometimes that isn’t quite enough. Sometimes our cholesterol health just needs a bit of a push in the right direction.

Natural Cholesterol is one of the many products we compound here at Usher Compounding Pharmacy. Contrary to its name, this product is particularly effective in suppressing reducing cholesterol for clients who require it.

So what makes this particular drug stand out?

It’s not uncommon for patients taking medications to reach a flatline at some point during their regime; the medication in question will reach maximum effect, and then over time, its efficiency wanes and sometimes may even stop completely. So far, not a single one of our clients who are currently taking Usher’s Natural Cholesterol have had that effect. Their cholesterol is still going down, and their health is still improving as a direct result.

Usher’s Natural Cholesterol, as the name suggests, is natural. It does not contain any statins, which removes many of the undesired side effects one may find with other medications. It’s simply a collection of natural ingredients, mixed together here in the pharmacy, and then packing into capsules for your use.

Is this something you need a doctor’s prescription for? Yes it is, and we can work with you and your doctor to assure you can get the best products available. Don’t be afraid to visit us in store or drop us a message if you’d like to know more!

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