Let's Talk: Capsules.

Let’s talk capsules. At Usher Compounding Pharmacy, we have two types of capsule: Gelatin and cellulose.

Gelatin will be the most common capsule you will come across, as it’s usually the default. As suggested in the name, these capsules use gelatin as their main gelling ingredient. Tasteless, odourless, easily digestible and almost completely allergen-free, gelatin capsules have been around in one form or another since the 1830s, making their usage span across three centuries. They are still the widest capsule product available on the market today.

Added bonus: We can compound them in all colours of the rainbow!

Cheap, effective, and pure protein.

Don’t wish to take gelatin? There is the other option: Cellulose.

Also known as ‘veggie capsules’ cellulose capsules are, as the epithet suggests, a vegetarian/vegan alternative to gelatin. Made from cellulose (a component in plant structure), these capsules aren’t quite as friendly on the wallet as their animal-product counterparts, however they do offer an alternative for those seeking to distance themselves from animal products.

Gelatin capsules may sometimes be derived from the collagen of pigs. For this reason, cellulose is also a good alternative for not only vegetarians and vegans, but people belonging to certain religious groups as well.

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