Compounding to Wean off Medication

Need to stop taking a medication?
Need to change medications?
Concerned about the withdrawal effects?

It’s not uncommon for people to struggle to get off some prescription medications. Sometimes you can wean yourself off; break a tablet in half and transition to half your original dosage before stopping completely. Sometimes this is effective, and sometimes not so much. Perhaps you still struggle and need to wean off a little more slowly. Perhaps your medication consists of coated tablets that can’t be broken up. This leaves the option of transitioning from a full dosage to nil. For some of us, this is manageable. For others, this comes with its own share of difficulties; withdrawal symptoms and side effects being among the prominent issues.

This is where compounding has one of its many benefits.

We work with you and your doctor to establish an appropriate weaning regime. One that you can cope with, and we will continue to monitor and support you to make sure you are coping. Your medication is recalculated based off your individual needs and repackaged into doses according to your regime.

A patient may be taking a 50mg dose of a specific medication, and their first step to weaning is to reduce that dosage to 45mg; we measure the new smaller dosage, write it up, mix it together and repackage it into 45mg doses. Those doses can then be packaged into smaller and smaller amounts as the patient progresses through their weaning regime.

This can work with any medications you may be struggling to get off.
Our bodies are unique, so our medicinal services should be, too.

We’re here to help.

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