Alzheimer's Disease

Alzheimer's Disease


Don’t forget Alzheimer’s Disease
The way our brain and nervous system work is certainly not yet fully understood. How much more a mystery would it have been in the middle of the 19th century. Dementia is usually irreversible and progressive. That means, for most people affected, the symptoms will gradually get worse over time. There are common patterns in how dementia affects people; however, everyone will respond a little differently and even in an individual, symptoms can vary from time to time.

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Dealing with dementia
Dementia is a condition that directly affects more than 250,000 Australians – a number which is expected to climb to nearly a million within 40 years. As yet there is no cure for dementia; and indeed the way our brain and nervous system works is not yet fully understood. All the more remarkable then, that it was the German neurologist, Alois Alzheimer, born nearly 150 years ago who first identified and gave his name to a condition that has now become so common in the developed world.

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Good health gift ideas
For many people, Christmas has deep religious significance; for others, it’s simply a time to relax and enjoy a few days off work. But for almost everyone, this time of year has traditionally become one of celebration. Throughout many societies it is commonplace to exchange gifts or simply ‘season’s greetings’, and to express sentiments of peace and goodwill. Wishes of good health usually accompany greetings at this time of year; so, perhaps some healthy gift ideas could be worth a thought as well.

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Getting our mind around dementia
Alzheimer’s disease is a particular form of dementia. Indeed, it is the most common form of dementia; accounting for between 50% and 70% of all cases. In fact, dementia is not really a disease at all. It’s a term used to describe the range of symptoms that occur when the brain is affected by certain conditions or illnesses.

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