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Velbexx-17 50g tube



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2Why use Velbexx-17?

  • Provides fast pain relief.
  • Provides hours of soothing pain relief.
  • A complex formulation consisting of 22 high quality natural ingredients (8 natural active ingredients and 14 natural excepient ingredients).
  • Has unique stable active base constituting 50% of the volume (mixture of two active components - 100% emu oil and 99.97% Aloe vera juice).
  • Is a concentrated balm that consists 59.93 % w/w of active ingredients ( 599.3 mg of active ingredients per 1 gram or 1000mg of balm) ; significantly higher concentration of active ingredients than any other complementary product on the market.
    • Maximum result with minimal amount of product used - allows up to 100 applications from a 20gram jar
    • 0.4 grams (e.g. approx. 2-3 mm of balm on a surface area equal to a 5 cents coin) of this high density, fine texture balm will be sufficient to cover an average lower back (lumbar) surface area
    • 0.2 grams (approx. 1-2 mm of balm on a surface area equal to a 5 cents coin) will sufficiently cover knee, shoulder, neck or similar surface area
    • Therefore, depending on area being treated, you will have up to 100 applications.
  • Non greasy, Non sticky, Non staining
  • No wiping after application needed; leaves skin nourished and moisturized
  • Non medicated (all ingredients are natural non-synthesised)
    • 100% Drugs Free
    • 100% Steroid Free
  • 100% synthesized methyl-salycilate free
  • 100% synthesised camphor free
  • 100% Petrochemicals Free
  • 100% other chemical preservatives Free
  • 100% Artificial colors Free
  • 100% Artificial fragrance Free
  • 100% Petroleum Free
  • 100% Paraffin / Parabens Free
  • No preservatives at all
  • No unpleasant / No overpowering odors
  • Pleasant mild peppermint scent
  • No burning – only mild heating
  • Applicable to a sensitive and frail skin
  • Moisturizes skin rather than dry it, and
  • Therapist user friendly for application on their patients.

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