Compounding for horses

At Usher Pharmacy Equine Control Division, we can compound and supply many of your equine/horse needs.  From cough control syrups to ulcer treatments like omeprazole paste (vet prescription required). We can supply your needs and be competitive on price.


Next time your horse has an ailment, ask your vet for a prescription to meet the need and allow us to help treat your horse and reduce your costs at the same time.


Pharmaceutical compounding meets these needs. It provides a way for veterinarians and compounding pharmacists to customise an individualised prescription for the specific need of your horse(s). From combining multiple medications into a single convenient dosage or altering the flavour of the medication, compounding provides solutions not easily met by commercial products.


Many horse products cost a small fortune, why not allow us to compound and supply your equine requirements and see if you can save some money.


Compounding products can include:


Eza cough mixture


Vitamin E powder


Vitamin E/Selenium powder


Nerve/Stress Powder


Medicated/Flavoured Pastes


Simply complete the online request form by clicking the link below and we will contact you to meet your horse/equine requirements.




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